Rapture3D Advanced v2.9.3 Released

Posted: 11 November 2017

Rapture3D Advanced v2.9.3 is now available. Changes since the last public release are:

  • Pro Tools HD AAX plugin support.
  • Ensure Rapture3D AAX/VST Decoder produces silence when the block selected is out of range.
  • Changes to VST plugin parameter update mechanism.
  • Provide more than one error at a time in Rapture3D Advanced GUI.
  • Minor reduction in memory use during decoder generation.
  • Upgrade NetCDF on Windows to v4.4.1.1.
  • Separate Rapture3D Advanced installers into OpenAL and plugins. VST installers now install to the same directory as other O3A plugins.
  • Bugfix to dB text entry boxes in Rapture3D Advanced GUI so focus is managed better.
  • Provide Rapture3D Advanced installers as both 32bit and 64bit.