O3A Plugins v2.1.3 Released

Posted: 11 November 2017

Version 2.1.3 of the O3A studio plugins is now available. The main changes since the last public release are:

  • Pro Tools HD AAX plugin support.
  • Add trivial presets to O3A Reflection plugin.
  • In ViewVR, enlarge O3A Rotation cube.
  • Reduce chance of some controls glitching when first used (macOS).
  • Add "O3A Panner 16" to O3A View library.
  • Improve handling of invalid audio signals (NaN/inf).
  • Make dial in O3A Decoder - Quad Binaural turn properly.
  • Various changes to thread management.
  • Holding down the 'reset' button in the Karma meter now keeps the meter cleared.
  • Fix issue with O3A View where video would sometimes not open immediately after a fresh network connection.
  • Decoder generation bass handling has been improved, resulting in minor changes to a number of speaker decoders.
  • Minor change to weighting of Amber HRTF.
  • Simplify Windows registry access.
  • Internal changes to plugin label management. Improve some plugin labelling.
  • Changes to GUI startup procedure in stand-alone programs to handle issue on macOS where a popup window on startup could result in the GUI becoming unresponsive.
  • Very minor GUI layout changes to some decoder plugins.
  • Upgrade macOS build to wxWidgets version 3.0.2.
  • Add trivial O3A injectors and decoders from and to O1A and O2A to the O3A Core.
  • Add automatic state recovery to the LFE crossover in decoders that have one, and O3A Low/High Pass.
  • Enter key now works correctly in VSTs in Reaper on 64bit macOS.
  • Changes to plugin parameter update mechanism.
  • Add support for VST's "relative circular" dial mode.
  • Dials and sliders now interpret the control key (Windows) or Apple key (macOS) as "fine" mode.
  • Minor performance tuning to some manipulator plugins.
  • O3A View should now be visible in the background.
  • O3A View/ViewVR now shows its version number while awaiting connection.
  • Replace O3A Brickwall 'active' light with a reduction meter.