Rapture3D Advanced v2.8.3 Released

Posted: 2 August 2017

Main change list:

  • Decoder generation bass handling has been improved, resulting in minor changes to a number of speaker decoders.
  • Managed bass channels are now included when choosing the listening volume for decoder optimisation.
  • Refinement to listening volume calculation to handle off-centre rigs better.
  • Sharper bass management crossover in some circumstances.
  • If an adequate number of managed bass speakers are present Rapture3D Advanced will now spatialise the bass band using a reconstruction decoder (Reconstruction and Tinted Reconstruction decoder methods only).
  • Rapture3D Advanced AES69 import now handles SI units not expressed in lower case.
  • Improved decoder frequency balance in arrays with speakers at different distances.
  • Allow subwoofers to be given the "Inactive" role.
  • Add "External" to bass crossover options, to avoid doubling up of crossovers.
  • Internal changes to plugin label management.
  • Upgrade macOS build to wxWidgets version 3.0.2.
  • Changes to GUI startup procedure in stand-alone programs to handle issue on macOS where a popup window on startup could result in the GUI becoming unresponsive.
  • Expose more logging relating to format libraries.
  • Reduce memory use during decoder generation.
  • Rapture3D Advanced AES69 import now examines the polarity of the impulse data explicitly and changes it if it appears inverted.
  • Minor change to weighting of Amber HRTF.
  • Simplify Windows registry access.
  • Rapture3D Advanced AES69 import now has very slightly improved coupling between left and right ears.