Updates to Software

Paid Products

These days, updates for paid products are in our Downloads area. You will need to log in to access this.

If you are familiar with our old website and do not have a login yet, you should be able to create one using the email address you used for updates before. We are hoping the new system will make managing your licenses and downloads much easier! Please get in touch if you have suggestions or problems.

Current version numbers are:

O3A Plugins2.4.0
Rapture3D Universal SDK3.4.2
Rapture3D User2.10.4
Rapture3D Advanced2.10.5
O1A Plugins2.4.0
Binaural Surround Plugins2.4.0
UHJ Decoding Plugins1.0.2

Rapture3D Game (Legacy)

The last release of Rapture3D "Game" Edition (which was bundled with games like DiRT3, and only works with those games) was 2.7.4, in March 2016. It can be downloaded here. This edition isn't the same as the "Game" or "Advanced" editions that you might have bought from this website. If you don't know what this is you probably don't want it!