O3A Plugins v2.1.4 Released

Posted: 25 November 2017

Version 2.1.4 of the O3A studio plugins is now available. The main changes since the last release are:

  • Fix bug in View in Perspective mode where setting direction automation for some plugins also changed the camera angle.
  • Fix bug in View where the Flare visualisation would not update immediately after a network reconnection from a single O3A Flare plugin.
  • Windows installers now use more "shared files".
  • Don't consider +180 and -180 as equivalent when plotting azimuths on panner surfaces (more natural when using AAX control surfaces).
  • Add "O3A Join", "O3A Portal", "O3A Spatial Mask Split", "O3A Spotlight" and "O3A Spotlight Split" plugins to the O3A Manipulators library. Split and Join need 32 channels and do not support AAX, but similar results can be achieved using "Flip".
  • Change I/O ACN labelling format slightly for consistency and better sorting.
  • Fix bug where Shaped Convolver envelope in GUI did not update when the VST program was changed and the plugin was not running.
  • Fix bug where upgrading a project to a new version of a VST2 plugin could result in a crash if presets have been added to the plugin. Seen after adding presets to O3A Reflection in 2.1.3.
  • Fix potential bug where unloading an O3A View DLL could in principle result in a crash. This required an internal API change so all View-compatible libraries need to be updated to 2.1.4 to work together.
  • Add LFE Gain controls to decoders with LFE output in O3A Decoding.