New - O3A Portal

Posted: 25 November 2017

O3A Portal

Version 2.1.4 of the O3A Manipulators includes a few new plugins. O3A Portal shifts sounds from one region of an audio scene to another.

Essentially, sounds in the green circle end up in the red circle. What happens to other sounds depends on the Mode.

This release also contains a number of related manipulator plugins:

  • O3A Spotlight is similar in many ways to O3A Directional Mask or O3A Directional Emphasis. It keeps the spotlight's "lit" region and makes the "unlit" part disappear.
  • O3A Spotlight Split and O3A Spatial Mask Split are similar to O3A Spotlight and O3A Spatial Mask, except they have two O3A outputs, effectively splitting a scene into two regions which can then be processed separately. The O3A Join plugin can be used to mix the two regions back together. These plugins need 32 channels and currently do not support AAX, but similar results can be achieved using the "Flip" options in O3A Spotlight and O3A Spatial Mask.

Please see the O3A Manipulators page, manuals or release notes for more details!