Rapture3D Universal v3.3.2 Released

Posted: 12 February 2022

Rapture3D Universal v3.3.2 is now available.

This is the first public release of the Rapture3D Universal SDK in quite a while. The core DSP engine is essentially unchanged, but there are new and modified C# scripts for use with Unity.


  • In the R3dAudioListener Unity C# script, change ordering when searching for components that could provide the listener's velocity, to prefer RigidBody over Camera.
  • In the R3dAudioBed and R3dAudioSource Unity C# scripts, check explicitly for common errors where the bed's Format is not set to match the audio, or a source is not fed mono.
  • Remove error handling of AudioSpeakerMode.Raw from Unity C# scripts as this is deprecated and generates a compile error in more recent versions of Unity.
  • Provide 'linear crossfade' switch in R3dBed6DOFWalkthroughManager manager. Enable by default.
  • Fix bug in native library where the linear distance model and a rolloff above one could result in a negative gain.
  • Minor improvements to distance model documentation.
  • Expose the cutoff frequency of a low pass filter affecting reverb sends ("ReverbLPFCutoff") in C# scripts. Previously, this cutoff was set to the same value as the direct sound low pass filter ("Low Pass Filter Cutoff"), but the cutoffs are now independent when automatic low pass filtering is not in use. If you are not using automatic low pass filtering, you will probably need to set this new cutoff. Automatic low pass filtering (the default) now assigns both cutoffs, so behaviour is unchanged.
  • Include 64bit ARM Android libraries in standard package.
  • Improvement to some window function generation.
  • Change vr360.cpp example to use SN3D rather than FuMa.
  • Expose bsrReaderGetLoadQueueLength() in C interface, and as loadQueueLength in R3dBSRReader in C# interface, so buffering state can be checked by calling code.
  • Add R3dListDecoders.cs, R3dSyncGroupControl.cs and R3dSyncGroupMember.cs C# scripts to examples directory.
  • Regenerate a number of internal tables.
  • Add R3dMix scripts to examples directory.
  • R3dSync example scripts now check samples rates and post warnings if there are mismatches.
  • Add "7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos)" decoder mode to underlying native library (currently cannot be used in Unity because of eight-channel output limit).
  • Add "Quad" and "Cube" upmixer modes to underlying native library and Unity scripts.
  • Change R3dAudioBed default format to B-Format SN3D.
  • R3dSync example scripts now work with AudioClips as well as BSR.
  • Generate Unity Package with a more current version of Unity.
  • Update EULA.
  • Update manual.