Rapture3D Universal v3.4 Released

Posted: 2 June 2023

Rapture3D Universal v3.4.2 is now available.

Changes since the last public release are:

  • Slightly improve startup speed.
  • Store some internal tables at higher resolution.
  • Minor changes to some first and second order decoders.
  • Minor change to version number logging.
  • Fix to bug in R3dMixFadeBoxPerimeter.cs example script which was resulting in bad transitions on some perimeter edges.
  • Update development tool suite in use.
  • Minimum iOS version changed to 11 (from current Xcode).
  • Introduce support for Apple Silicon.
  • New license key mechanism for Apple Silicon. If you have an existing installation on Apple Silicon (under Rosetta) then you will need to revoke any current license keys before installation using the Blue Ripple Sound License Manager, and to reactivate them afterwards. Please get in touch if you run into problems.
  • Update Rapture3dAVProSyncManager.cs example script for AVPro v2. The old code has been left in comments; search for "AVPro v1" to find it.
  • Enable bitcode support for iOS.