O3A Plugins v2.3 Released

Posted: 2 June 2023

Version 2.3.3 of the O3A studio plugins is now available.

Changes since v2.2.1 include:

  • Make View button faintly visible when unavailable.
  • Improve startup speed for a number of components.
  • Tweak to convolution reverb performance at higher sampler rates.
  • Store some internal tables at higher resolution.
  • Make O3A Spatial Delay rotation knobs fully rotary.
  • Improve interpolation used when loading plugin backdrop images.
  • Update to a new version of the Harpex library.
  • Change font in license manager to hopefully reduce confusion between 1, l and I.
  • Remove some redundant spaces from AAX page files.
  • Update development tool suite in use.
  • Introduce support for Apple Silicon.
  • New license key mechanism for Apple Silicon. If you have an existing installation on Apple Silicon (under Rosetta) then you will need to revoke any current license keys before installation using the Blue Ripple Sound License Manager, and to reactivate them afterwards. Please get in touch if you run into problems.
  • 32bit Intel support has been removed. Please get in touch if that creates problems for you.
  • The O3A View application should now allow normal methods to enable or disable fullscreen on macOS as well as pressing Return/Enter.
  • Rework O3A Meter - Signal.
  • Tweaks to user interface for O3A Decoder - Headphones.
  • Change socket timeout mechanism in O3A View Sync to make plugin more responsive on macOS.
  • View/ViewVR now perform extra diagnostics in case video files cannot be accessed.
  • Fix crash when Reaper scans a View-compatible plugin in a child process while O3A View is loaded into the parent process. All View-capable plugin libraries will need to upgraded together to maintain compatibility.
  • Address GUI issue where automation did not always update controls on macOS.
  • Show ganging in graphical equalizer when automation is in use.
  • Fix GUI bug where O3A Visualiser - Hemisphere had Contrast and Smoothing dials swapped.
  • Change to View-capable plugin processing.

Existing users can find new installers for paid products in their Downloads area.