Rapture3D Advanced v2.10.4 Released

Posted: 8 July 2023

Rapture3D Advanced v2.10.4 is now available.

Changes since v2.10.2 include:

  • Minor performance tuning of Rapture3D Player visualisation.
  • Most Rapture3D Advanced decoders presets now go up to seventh order, including speaker decoders, and Amber and Purple HRTFs. This increases the install size by roughly 100MB.
  • Slightly accelerate startup of rendering code on Windows in some situations.
  • Fix installer issues on Windows.
  • Delete cached calculations that fail to save completely (e.g. due to lack of disk space).
  • Update to AAX SDK 2.5.1.
  • Rapture3D Advanced with 64-channel output may now be used under AAX (output is mapped to seventh order ambisonics).
  • Add more thorough high DPI support to the codebase. Fix macOS bug where speaker layout and Rapture3D player visualisation only use a quarter of the available area when shown on Retina displays. More consistent GUI spacing at different sizing ratios.
  • Provide text for error messages produced in the NetCDF layer when loading SOFA files.