O3A Plugins v2.2.1 Released

Posted: 12 February 2022

Version 2.2.1 of the O3A studio plugins is now available.

The change list is:

  • Add "O3A Upmixer - 7.1.4" to O3A Upmixers library.
  • Change default settings for O3A Reverb - Shaped Convolver to something more generally useful.
  • Improvements to socket management code.
  • Update bins more correctly in AAX GUIs for O3A Equalizer plugins when the DFT size is changed.
  • Higher precision table in spotlight and portal plugins.
  • Update EULA.
  • Update tools used to build View and ViewVR binaries. Please note that View and ViewVR now sit in a slightly different directory organisation on Windows; please ensure you use the current version.
  • Update manual.