Rapture3D v2.6 Released

Posted: 15 November 2013

Rapture3D v2.6.0 / v12.6.0 is now available for sale.

This is a very exciting release for us as it coincides with the release of our new Pro Audio products. We've made changes to the advanced edition of Rapture3D to make it part of a revolutionary new set of tools for mixing 3D audio in the studio!

Rapture3D "Advanced" on OSX

We're now supporting Rapture3D "Advanced" on OSX (10.5 or later, Intel 32/64bit universal binary). This is interesting for game development, and even more so for 3D audio playback and for our new professional studio VST products:

VST Support in Rapture3D "Advanced"

Rapture3D now includes a studio "plugin library" which is a piece of software (using VST 2 technology) which can be used within some professional studio software such as Reaper, Max/MSP or Plogue Bidule.

This means that Rapture3D's decoders for 3D sound on irregular or custom speaker layouts) can be used from within studio packages, alongside our new TOA VST Plugin products!

TOA Decoder - Rapture3D Advanced Screenshot