Rapture3D v2.5.6 Released

Posted: 20 September 2013

New versions of Rapture3D are available. The latest version of the Rapture3D "Game" edition is 2.5.6 and the "User" and "Advanced" versions are now at 12.5.8.

There hasn't been a public release for a while because we've been busy with some other, rather exciting things (more soon!). This release contains various small improvements, the most important of which are probably these:

  • Improved 3D when using low and medium spatialisation quality settings, and when playing first or second order ambisonic audio.
  • New "narrow" Amber HCTC, for use with some laptop speakers.
  • Easier use of the "Advanced" edition's layout customisation screen.
  • The "Advanced" decoder generator can now handle even more irregular speaker layouts.

More details can be found in the change logs.