New - TOA Shaped Convolution Reverb

Posted: 9 June 2016

Version 1.2.0 of the TOA Reverb VST plugin library includes a new "shaped" ambisonic convolution reverb plugin which solves the classic problem with convolution reverbs where all reverb output ends up coming from the same place.

The new plugin ("TOA Reverb - Shaped Convolution") has the same features as the simpler "TOA Reverb - Convolution" plugin released in version 1.1.8, but adds some important new features. We are particularly excited about this plugin.

TOA Reverb - Shaped Convolution

There is a pre-processing step with a new "directivity shaping" envelope (in yellow above). This allows the early part of the reverb decay to use the directivity of the input signal rather than the directivity of the spatial impulse response. Normally this is only done for a small fraction of a second, so just the very early part of the reverb is modified and the tail of the reverb is unaffected. This means that when a 3D mix is passed through the plugin, directions in the mix are not changed during the "direct sound" part of the impulse response.

TOA Reverb - Shaped Convolution Envelope

You can use the envelope more slowly with a long impulse response, to make the reverb "bloom" from sounds' individual locations. It is also possible to apply reverb to all sounds in the input while entirely keeping their position. Here, you can even use a mono impulse response.

There are other possibilities. As this plugin can be a little difficult conceptually, we have included some presets (with blank filenames) to help set it up.

Please note that we currently do not provide a tool for capture of impulse responses - other tools are available. If you really think we should, please get in touch!