O3A Plugins v2.0.1 Release Notes

Posted: 15 December 2016

Version 2.0.1 of all of the O3A VST plugin libraries is now available. These libraries were formerly known as the "TOA" plugin libraries but have been renamed as part of our change of ambisonic convention from FuMa to SN3D.

The full change list since the last public release of the TOA plugins follows. You may prefer to read the overview of version two which can be found here.

  • Change ambisonic encoding convention from FuMa to SN3D (ACN).
  • Relabel plugins from "TOA" to "O3A" and assign new VST plugin IDs to allow simultaneous use of old and new plugins.
  • Remove "YouTube" conversion plugins as now directly compatible. Introduce "FuMa" injector and decoder to the O3A Core library. Remove SN3D option from N3D injector and decoder.
  • Panner LS and LS XYZ now report the presence of an IIR correctly to VST.
  • Introduce "O3A View" library and VR/external control for a range of plugins.
  • Add "O3A Decoder - 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos)" to O3A Decoding library.
  • Add "O3A Upmixer - 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos)" to O3A Upmixers library.
  • Accelerate O3A Reflection, Rotation and Look.
  • Minor improvement to level handling in the directional mask module in O3A Directional Mask and the O3A Early Reflection, MS3 and MS5 reverbs.
  • Minor improvement to spatial distribution of MS3 and MS5 late reverb.
  • Add Strength, Azimuth, Elevation and Roll controls to "O3A Upmixer - Stereo" plugin.
  • Improve scaling of swatch slider in spatial mask and EQ.
  • Rename first order injector to "O3A Injector - First Order" for consistency.
  • Fix accuracy issue with TOA Meter history (introduced in 1.2.0).
  • Fix hang when O3A Shoebox placed onto a muted track and GUI shown.
  • Add label fields to "O3A Panner - Eight Channel".
  • Rework GUIs to new design (removal of wood panelling).
  • Switch use of diamonds and crosses in O3A Shoebox GUI.
  • Change the way a number of plugin control names are reported to the VST host.
  • Add input format control (SN3D/FuMa) to "O3A Injector - First Order" and "O3A Harpex".
  • Add file format control (SN3D/FuMa) to "O3A Reverb - Convolution" and "O3A Reverb - Shaped Convolution".
  • Reorganise MS5 reverb GUI.
  • Enlarge control surfaces in two-channel and eight-channel panners.
  • Reorganise signal meter GUI into rows for each order.
  • Introduce experimental "O3A Head Tracker" library for Windows.
  • Add "O3A Panner - Large" to the O3A Core library.
  • Boost Quad Binaural decoder level by 1.3dB.

The POA Decoding plugin library has also been renamed, to O1A Decoding. Changes here are:

  • Change ambisonic convention from FuMa to SN3D.
  • Relabel plugins from POA to O1A and assign new VST IDs, to allow simultaneous use during migration.
  • Add "O1A Injector - FuMa" to plugin library.
  • Add "O1A Decoder - 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos)" to plugin library.
  • Boost Quad Binaural decoder by 1.7dB for better consistency with other plugins.