Not New, But Improved: O3A Upmixer - Stereo

Posted: 15 December 2016

The "O3A Upmixer - Stereo" plugin from the O3A Upmixers pack has been reworked as part of our Version Two release.

Previously, the plugin just created a frontal stereo image which needed to be manipulated into place with rotations, which can be confusing. And sometimes people wanted something between the upmixer and the two channel panner from the O3A Core. So, we've added some controls to make this all rather more convenient.

The upmixer can now be used to present the stereo image as a "line" along the stereo scene, which can be moved around and rotated freely with the mouse (or HTC Vive controllers, if you are using ViewVR). The degree to which the audio is pulled towards the ends of the lines can also be controlled.

Don't forget the O3A Upmixers pack also includes the "Stereo Ambience" plugin, which provides another way to present stereo in a 3D scene. This is useful in Virtual Reality scenarios where the stereo should not come from a definite location.