O3A Plugins v2.0.2 Released

Posted: 10 March 2017

Version 2.0.2 of the O3A VST plugins is now available.

The main changes are:

  • View now has 2D support for the LS panner, Zoom and Shoebox plugins. (ViewVR still has full 3D control).
  • Reskin Stereo CTC plugin with modern style.
  • Add "O3A Low/High Pass Filter" to O3A Manipulators library.
  • Improve ViewVR resilience when SteamVR is not available.
  • Add LFE Crossover controls to all plugins in "O1A Decoding" and "O3A Decoding" that have LFE output.
  • Add "O3A Flare" visualiser to the O3A Core. This plugin is View-enabled. Please note that this change breaks View compatibility with previous versions, so if you are using View, please ensure all plugins and the View application are updated to the latest version.
  • Fix View bug that sometimes resulted in the Blue Ripple logo becoming tiny.
  • Reduce default Head Horizon in O3A View Sync.
  • Fix GUI alignment problem in O3A Zoom and Zoom XYZ.
  • Fix stability risk on disconnect in View Sync plugin.
  • Disable timecode trace code in View Sync plugin.
  • Improve organisation of O3A Core manual. Include brief notes on preparing mixes for YouTube and Facebook 360 video.
  • Upgrade versions of third party software used in View/ViewVR. You may need to tweak your "Video Fine" settings in existing projects. Oculus Touch controllers now show as such.
  • Add "O1A Decoder - IMAX 5.0", "O1A Decoder - IMAX 6.0" and "O3A Decoder - IMAX 12.0" to the O1A Decoding library.
  • Add "O3A Decoder - IMAX 5.0", "O3A Decoder - IMAX 6.0" and "O3A Decoder - IMAX 12.0" to the O3A Decoding library.
  • Add "O3A Upmixer - IMAX 5.0", "O3A Upmixer - IMAX 6.0" and "O3A Upmixer - IMAX 12.0" to the O3A Upmixers library.