Posted: 23 May 2011

Rapture3D in DiRT2

The Games for Windows LIVE version of "Colin McRae - DiRT2" comes with a special edition of Rapture3D, so you can try it out by just playing the game. Simon N Goodwin from Codemasters says it all:

"By default DiRT2 uses the new and advanced Rapture3D PC audio system. This builds on the widely-used OpenAL standard and extends it to support features previously confined to console releases, like Ambisonic Soundfields, 3D7.1 surround, and direct control over dialog and sub-bass (LFE) speaker outputs. It also implements 3D headphone surround, high-quality mixing and multiple directional reverberation units which previously we've only been able to deliver on PCs with custom audio hardware.

"Now this works on all PCs, identically on XP, Vista and Win7, and is scalable to take advantage of 64 bit and multi-core systems. Rapture3D is bundled with DiRT2, and Blue Ripple offer a version for other OpenAL games plus extras like support for ASIO2 pro-audio cards, unlimited outputs (Blue Ripple run a 14.1 speaker rig for impressive 3D sound) and custom layouts."

Take a look at the official website http://www.dirt2game.com/ for details and a demo. As well as using Rapture3D, it's a Really Good Game.