O7A Graphic Equalizer

O7A Graphic Equalizer

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This plugin is a 31-band third-of-octave graphic equalizer. It is applied equally to all sound in the O7A 3D soundfield.

The algorithm is implemented in the frequency domain. It has a significant latency, which hopefully your DAW will compensate for. It is linear-phase.

You may also be interested in the simpler O7A Parametric Equalizer and the more complex O7A Spatial Equalizer.

The plugin is available in the O7A Manipulators plugin library.


Controls: 20Hz - 20kHz Band Gains

These controls affect the frequency content of the soundfield at the frequency selected.

If the DFT size is low, some of the frequency bands are ganged together.

Control: Gain

This is an overall gain control.

Control: DFT Size

The DFT size is used in the internal processing of this plugin. The size can be 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768 or 65536. Lower sizes give lower latency and use less CPU power, but provide a less sharp equalizer. In this case, the plugin may gang low frequency bands together.