O7A Decoder - FuMa

O7A Decoder - FuMa

Host Support

Host TypeSupport
AAXYes, output mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics


Output16FuMa Ambisonic Audio (mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics for AAX)


This plugin takes a seventh order ambisonic mix prepared with these plugins (O7A) and converts it to a third order mix using the FuMa ambisonic convention. The FuMa convention was used in early versions of these plugins (prior to version 2.0) and is an extension of classic First Order Ambisonics.

We have labelled this plugin as a decoder hopefully to make it clear that its output is an external format and no longer compatible with the convention that the rest of these plugins use.

You can convert back using the O7A Injector - FuMa plugin, although the drop from seventh to third order will typically result in significant loss of spatial detail.


This plugin produces third order FuMa output. If you only want first or second order output, just take the first four or nine output channels and ignore the rest.

Alternatively, the O7A Decoder - O1A, O2A or O3A plugins can be "misused" to reduce the order of the FuMa material as this is a rare case where a plugin will work correctly for both SN3D and FuMa.

The plugin is available in the O7A Core plugin library.