TOA Plugins v1.1.8 Released

Posted: 27 January 2016

This release includes the following changes:

  • Increase calculation accuracy of TOA Parametric Equalizer. Improve numerical stability when cutoffs are above the Nyquist frequency.
  • Simplify and increase calculation accuracy of TOA Upmixer - Coincident Microphone.
  • Add "TOA Panner LS XYZ" plugin to TOA Manipulators library.
  • Switch all VST plugins to use the VST2 "program are chunks" mode. This means that Reaper will now persist changes to all programs, not just the current one.
  • Add "TOA Decoder - N3D/SN3D" plugin to the TOA Decoding library.
  • Correct TOA N3D/SN3D Injector documentation (remove comment about overall gain).
  • Fix bug on OSX that resulted in hang when spatial/graphic EQ DFT size was changed.
  • Add simple "TOA Reverb - Convolution" plugin to the TOA Reverb library.
  • Add "TOA Directional Emphasis" plugin to the TOA Manipulators library. This is very similar to the "TOA Directional Mask" plugin but uses the same algorithm as Rapture3D.