TOA Plugins v1.1.7 Released

Posted: 30 October 2015

Version 1.1.7 of the TOA VST plugins is now available. We've added two new plugins, example Reaper projects, and better support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Merging Pyramix 9.

The main changes are:

  • Improve stand-alone GUI image quality on high res Windows displays (upgrade to wxWidgets 3.0.2).
  • Add "TOA Look" plugin to the TOA Core.
  • Extend content of OS X plist files. Add PkgInfo files for VST plugins.
  • Fix potential bug in N3D/SN3D injector output.
  • Fix potential crash in Graphic / Spatial EQ when DFT size is changed.
  • Fix wrap-around behaviour on TOA Move 'Strength' dial in Pyramix/Ovation.
  • Correct 'in-place' tags in some plugins which were resulting in strange output in Pyramix/Ovation.
  • Fix benign 32bit VS runtime installer error with 64bit TOA Core on Windows.
  • Add "TOA Shoebox" plugin to the TOA Reverb library.
  • Add notes on use of Premiere to manual.
  • Add Reaper example projects.