New HRTF Colour: Purple

Posted: 10 July 2019

Purple HRTFs

The Rapture3D game audio engine now includes another HRTF colour: Purple.

HRTFs are used to produce "binaural" 3D audio for headphones. Different HRTF colours work better for different people, so this new colour gives you, or your game players, another option to try.

This colour is based on measurements of a Neumann KU100 dummy head made as part of the SADIE II data set at the University of York. If you are curious, this data set is available at This has been a popular option for a number of other binaural ambisonic decoders, but these won't sound quite the same as Rapture3D because of the methods we use to prepare the data.

Purple is now available in the following Blue Ripple Sound software: