O3A Plugins v2.2.0 Released

Posted: 31 March 2021

O3A Panner LS8

Version 2.2.0 of the O3A studio plugins is now available.

This update mostly contains small bugfixes and improvements, but it also adds "O3A Panner LS8" to the O3A Manipulators library. This plugin makes panning a complex scene particularly easy in VR with O3A View.

The change list is:

  • Further fine tuning of degree-to-radian conversion for elevations.
  • Improvement to handling of screen edge in 2D View automation.
  • Improvement to some window function generation.
  • Add Inferred/Virtual control to O3A IMAX upmixer GUIs.
  • Fix intermittent issue where a GUI dial was not updated on preset selection.
  • Regenerate a number of internal tables.
  • Increase the quality of the "O3A Decoder - UHJ Stereo" decoder (longer kernel).
  • Small improvements to some AAX control surface pages, including new pages for "O3A Panner 16".
  • Minor update to rendering of plugin backgrounds.
  • Add "O3A Panner LS8" to the O3A Manipulators library.
  • Update internal representations used by O3A View to accommodate LS8. Because of this, *ALL* view-compatible plugins and the View/ViewVR applications need to be upgraded together.
  • Change to View internal logic to fix a bug where automation is sometimes not passed back to the plugin on macOS.
  • Other minor changes to View network protocol.
  • Fix error message shown in View/ViewVR when software versions are incompatible.
  • Add "O3A Swap" to the O3A Manipulators library.
  • Fix bug where plugins could crash on some versions of macOS if the user is changed without a reboot.
  • Reorganise threading model used in DAW when View or ViewVR are in use to transfer automation feedback to the HMD quicker. These applications should now feel more responsive.