O7A Decoder - N3D

O7A Decoder - N3D

Host Support

Host TypeSupport
AAXYes, output mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics


Output64N3D/ACN Ambisonic Audio (mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics for AAX)


This plugin takes a seventh order ambisonics (O7A) mix and converts it to a seventh order "N3D" ambisonic mix. N3D is a close relative to SN3D, which is used natively by these plugins. The "ACN" channel ordering convention is used in both cases.

We have labelled this plugin as a decoder hopefully to make it clear that its output is an external format and no longer compatible with the convention that the rest of these plugins use.

N3D is used in MPEG-H 3D Audio.


Please be aware that N3D and SN3D are similar to each other, but not the same. Be very careful to convert where necessary as it may not be immediately obvious if mistakes are made. Do not guess! If you get this wrong it is likely to result in level, blurring or sharpening errors which may not be immediately obvious on simple decoders.

Other Conventions

Note that other plugins are available to convert to and from ambisonics using the FuMa convention. See O7A Decoder - FuMa and O7A Injector - FuMa.


This plugin produces seventh order N3D output. If you want lower order output, just take the first channels and ignore the rest. First order needs 4 channels, second 9, third 16, fourth 25, fifth 36 and sixth 49.

Alternatively, the O7A Decoder - O1A, O2A or O3A plugins from the O7A Core can be "misused" to reduce the order of the N3D material as this is a rare case where a plugin will work correctly for both SN3D and N3D.

The plugin is available in the O7A Decoding plugin library.