O1A Injector - FuMa

O1A Injector - FuMa

Host Support

Host TypeSupport
AAXYes, input mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics


Input4Classic First Order B-Format (FuMa) Ambisonic Audio (mapped to standard SN3D ambisonics for AAX)


This plugin takes a mix using the classic "WXYZ" B-Format ambisonic convention and converts it to first order ambisonics (SN3D/ACN) as used by the current version of these plugins. At first order, classic B-Format is the same as FuMa B-Format.

The classic B-Format convention is used by some B-Format microphones and other software. FuMa was used by old versions of these plugins (prior to version 2.0).

This plugin allows classic B-Format to be converted into a form suitable for decoding by the O1A decoder plugins in this library. So, if your microphone or microphone software is labelled as producing classic B-Format or FuMa, or if your mix is in these formats, you should insert it before any of the decoder plugins in this library.

In Pro Tools, as the FuMa format is not supported directly as a stem format, this plugin expects audio using the ordinary ambisonic stem format. Normally this should be encoded as O1A (i.e. SN3D/ACN), so we are "misusing" the format here.

The plugin is available in the O1A Decoding plugin library.