TOA Plugins v1.1.4 Released

Posted: 8 October 2014

The v1.1.4 release of the TOA VST plugins is now here! There are two exciting new plugins in the TOA Manipulators library.

Here's the change list for this release:

  • Minor performance optimisations.
  • Change to parametric EQ denormal handling to improve performance.
  • Other minor changes to denormal handling to improve signal quality.
  • Add new "TOA Zoom" plugin to the TOA Manipulators library.
  • Minor bugfix to TOA Meter output immediately after startup.
  • Bugfix to TOA Coincident Microphone for potential stability issue (low risk).
  • Add new "TOA Compressor" plugin to the TOA Manipulators library.
  • Change "TOA Diffuser" spread default to zero.
  • Tune plugin slews. Many have been slowed. The most significant impact is the removal of graininess during panning of some material.
  • Add a trivial "TOA Gain" plugin to the TOA Core.