TOA Plugins v1.1.2 Released

Posted: 19 February 2014

Version 1.1.2 of the TOA VST plugins has been released. There are new features, including three new metering plugins, and some bugfixes.

  • Add the new "TOA Meter" plugin to the TOA Core library.
  • Add the new "TOA Meter - Signal" plugin to the TOA Core library.
  • Add the new "TOA Meter - Karma" plugin to the TOA Decoding library (for 3D BS1770-like loudness estimation).
  • Following R&D around metering, small level changes to upmixers in "inferred" mode, and mono and stereo decoders. Multichannel decoders not affected.
  • Bugfix to drawing of LFE gain knobs in upmixer GUIs.
  • Add the "Basic Head" method to the "TOA Decoder - Stereo" plugin in the TOA Core library.
  • Provide product versioning information to VST.
  • Bugfixes to "TOA First Order Injector" and "TOA Move" plugins to avoid CPU load spikes.
  • Add SN3D option to the N3D upmixer.
  • Bugfix to remove intermittent pop appearing in very first moment of use of some plugins, most notably the TOA panners.
  • Add presets to various plugins.