Rapture3D v2.6.6 Released

Posted: 23 April 2015

Rapture3D v2.6.6/v12.6.6 is now available. This includes a number of improvements and a new VST plugin.

Gaming Changes

The main changes to the Rapture3D OpenAL games driver are:

  • Audio quality improvements to sample rate conversion, "large source" handling and reverb.
  • Various fairly minor performance improvements.
  • Upgrade to the internal HOA bus used. Support added to the advanced edition (only) for fifth order.

New VST Studio Plugin

A new plugin has been added to the VST2 plugin library included with Rapture3D advanced. This allows complex multichannel decoders to be distributed over multiple cores by splitting the output into eight-channel "blocks". These can be put onto separate tracks, which some DAWs (e.g. Reaper) can then calculate on separate CPU cores.

TOA Decoder Block - Rapture3D Advanced Screenshot

Other Changes

  • Stereo "Panner" decoder retuned to increase stereo separation, particularly at low orders.
  • Various quality and performance improvements to decoder generation.
  • Minor performance improvements to the VST plugins.
  • Support added to the Rapture3D Player for "ogg" files containing FuMa-encoded ambisonics (in simple multichannel Ogg/Vorbis audio files; multiple streams are not supported). User and advanced editions only.