UHJ Decoder - O1A

UHJ Decoder - O1A

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Input2UHJ Stereo


This plugin partially recovers first order B-Format from a UHJ Stereo input. No height information is recovered, and horizontal resolution is reduced.

UHJ Stereo signals can be produced from Ambisonic mixes using plugins like the O1A or O3A Decoder - UHJ Stereo.

The output uses the modern SN3D/ACN convention, not the classic W, X, Y and Z channels mentioned in the literature.

Decoding the O1A Stream Produced

The output of this plugin is an O1A first order Ambisonic B-Format, not suitable for listening to directly. It needs to be decoded again, to produce actual speaker feeds.

First order decoders can be found in the O1A Decoding pack, or Rapture3D Advanced running in first order mode. The results typically will not be as good as using the original first order stream before UHJ encoding, but they typically aren't bad.

The plugin is available in the UHJ Decoding plugin library.