Welcome To Blue Ripple Sound

We do 3D sound properly! Lots of hard sums, and some nice efficient code, mean we can bring you innovative creative tools for the studio, and unsurpassed 3D sound for film, music, gaming and Virtual Reality.

So, what brought you here? Are you a filmmaker wanting to produce realistic 3D soundtracks that immerse you deeply into the story? A musician producing a 3D mix for a concert, or working with a 3D recording? A sound artist working on an installation? If so you probably want to head into our pro audio section.

Or are you a game developer? If so, our gaming section will help you bring spectacular 3D sound to your games. You can have great 3D in surround, stereo, headphones (using HRTF binaural) or even customized systems.

Or, are you mixing or developing for Virtual Reality? In this case, you may be interested in both sections, as we bring these together in Rapture3D Universal.

There are some informational resources on this site and we'll add more when we have time. Audio is better understood than it sometimes seems and we're hoping to help demystify it a little.

We've been passionate about 3D sound for quite a long time and set up Blue Ripple Sound in 2008 to turn that passion into reality. We use some maths generally known as "Higher Order Ambisonics", which are fairly well understood in academia and link to some important equations from acoustics. What we've done is take this rather theoretical material, work out a few bits that were missing, and turn the results into simple stuff that people can just use!

Expanded O7A Logo

O7A Plugins - Now Available!

The O7A Plugins are VST2/AAX audio plugins supporting seventh order ambisonics. If you are familiar with the plugins from our O3A range then you will find O7A equivalents of almost everything.

These plugins aren't intended for normal studio use; that is what the O3A plugins are for. Instead, the O7A plugins are for research applications and studios with high-end computer equipment. The O7A plugins use 64 channels in tracks and busses rather than the 16 used by O3A (or the 4 used by 1970's first order ambisonics). This provides very accurate spatial imaging, but makes some quite heavy demands of your hardware.

For plugin hosting, seventh order ambisonic support has been available in Pro Tools Ultimate since version 2023.6, and Reaper has had 64 channel support for a long time.

We've created a new O7A Research area on the website where you can dig into the individual plugin libraries, and added to our full plugin list. You can also read more in our news area.