Pro Audio

Practical High-Resolution 3D Audio Tools For The Studio

Most of our R&D centres around a family of techniques called "Higher Order Ambisonics" (HOA) which can produce 3D audio of a quality far beyond what stereo or conventional surround sound systems like 5.1 can deliver. The same material can also be played on many different speaker layouts, or headphones, or used as a bed in the Rapture3D Universal gaming/VR engine, with head-tracking if you are using it.

Our suite of "O3A" ambisonic VST plugins uses third order ambisonics. They put all sorts of new magic at your fingertips, including proper panning, visualisation, spatial manipulations, reverb, decoding, video and VR integration and more.

Not all VST hosts can cope with these plugins yet, but we hope that this will change with time. For now, you can use Reaper, Pyramix, Max/MSP or Plogue Bidule. The O3A plugins do not work with current versions of ProTools or Cubase.

And some of this stuff is FREE! The O3A Core plugin library provides the essential tools you need to get started with 3D O3A mixes. We hope that you'll be so impressed with what can be done that you'll come back and buy some of our other pro audio products.