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This plugin takes a 3D O7A mix and "smudges" it slightly in time and space. This can be quite a subtle effect similar to that of an all-pass filter, but has a quite wide variety of uses.

For instance, you can use it to add some spatial detail to an omnidirectional O7A mix, which provides a useful way to place a mono sound into space without giving it a definite direction. To do this, ensure that the mono sound is in the first channel of the input to this plugin and that the other inputs are silent.

You can also use this plugin to smudge a panned source that otherwise might be too sharp spatially, or to "soften" the transients in a complete 3D O7A mix.

The plugin is available in the O7A Manipulators plugin library.


Control: Diffusion

The diffusion value controls how much the mix is smudged in time. This softens transients slightly.

The effect is analogous to that produced by the feedback gain control in an all-pass filter, but the smudging varies slightly in different spatial directions, so omnidirectional sounds become diffuse.

Control: Spread

The spread value controls how much the mix is smudged in space.

Some spatial spreading occurs with a zero value, but when the value increases the spread increases. For non-zero spreads, the diffusion value also increases the amount of spread.