Binaural Surround - 22.2

Binaural Surround - 22.2

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Input24Hamasaki 22.2
Output2Binaural Stereo



This plugin takes a surround mix prepared for a Hamasaki 22.2 system and converts it to 3D stereo to be listened to on headphones.

The 3D aspects of the stereo are synthesised using HRTF data. This models how sound from different directions is changed as it passes around the head.


The channel ordering used is:

1Front Left
2Front Right
3Front Centre
4LFE Left
5Back Left
6Back Right
7Front Left/Centre
8Front Right/Centre
9Back Centre
10LFE Right
11Side Left
12Side Right
13Top Front Left
14Top Front Right
15Top Front Centre
16Top Centre
17Top Back Left
18Top Back Right
19Top Side Left
20Top Side Right
21Top Back Centre
22Bottom Front Centre
23Bottom Front Left
24Bottom Front Right

The low frequency effect channels are not used.

The plugin is available in the Binaural Surround plugin library.


Control: Mode

Two modes are supported, "Inferred" and "Virtual". Generally, "Inferred" is recommended.

InferredThis mode is optimised for use with material that has been mixed using conventional panning techniques, such as equal-power panning or VBAP. The approach produces smooth transitions when sounds pass between speaker locations.
VirtualThis mode simply places each of the main (non-LFE) audio channels in their appropriate speaker direction. This can be worth trying when the mix has not been put together by conventional panning and the channels have a complex phase relationship.