Rapture3D Universal v3.1.0 Released

Posted: 9 June 2016

Rapture3D Universal v3.1.0 is now available. This is essentially a maintenance release.

Changes since the last release include:

  • Change naming of Unity native plugins on Windows and OSX (R3DU.dll rather than libR3DU.dll and so on) and update C# scripts to match. This appears to fix some instabilities loading native plugins in Unity on Android.
  • Change naming of stand-alone plugin library on Windows (R3DU.dll rather than libR3DU.dll) for consistency.
  • Various improvements to documentation.
  • Improve Unity C# AudioClip handling so load state is checked properly. AudioClips would sometimes play silently.
  • Report an error when Unity AudioClips are not set to decompress on load.
  • Fix buffering bug in BSR which was resulting in excessive I/O when reading Ogg/Vorbis files on Android. This greatly improves I/O performance on Android.
  • Reduce default BSR BLOCK_SIZE in C# code to 8192.

When updating, be particularly careful about the naming and block size changes above.