Rapture3D Advanced

The heart of Rapture3D is a "Higher Order Ambisonics" (HOA) decoder which can make great 3D sound on a wide range of different speaker layouts.

The "Advanced" edition comes with a configuration tool where you can tell Rapture3D about the locations of the speakers in a custom speaker layout. The computer does some calculations to set everything up, and then you can start using the other Rapture3D components:

  • AAX and VST2 plugins are included, which can be used in some Digital Audio Workstations such as Reaper and Pro Tools Ultimate.
  • The Rapture3D "OpenAL" Driver allows you to use Rapture3D in some Windows OpenAL games.
  • The Rapture3D Player allows you to listen to 3D sound prepared in ambisonic formats.

This advanced edition of the software is intended primarily for advanced users who need unusual or customisable speaker layouts, or access to many speakers. If you are not intending to use this feature you may wish to consider the "User" edition for gaming, or the O3A Decoding VST Plugins for pro audio, although only Rapture3D Advanced can be tailored exactly to your listening environment.

Rapture3D has experimental support for import of personalized HRTFs from AES69 files (if you are lucky enough to have such things).

This product does not include the Rapture3D Universal SDK or Unity support.

The software is designed to run on macOS (10.7+, or 10.10+ for AES69 support) or Windows (Win7+) running on 32bit/64bit Intel. We use some free software, data and artwork in this product. Before purchase, please check the license agreement. Prices include VAT where applicable. EU VAT is normally charged at your local rate using the MOSS VAT system, but please get in touch before purchase if you need a business-to-business transaction. By beginning the download process you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Rapture 3D Advanced Pack


Layout Configuration

The advanced edition comes with a configuration tool that lets you set up custom speaker layouts and change other audio settings.

Rapture3D Advanced Speaker Layout Screenshot

Speaker layouts are customisable and can use large numbers of speakers. There is also a wide range of presets provided, including 5.1, 7.1, 3D7.1, Auro-3D* and 22.2. The Rapture3D headphone decoders are also available, and more.

[*] Note that the Auro-3D support does not include Auro bitstream encoding.

AAX and VST2 Plugins

The current selected decoder can be used as a AAX or VST2 plugin, processing FuMa- or SN3D-encoded ambisonic B-Format audio at up to third order. For VST, there are four versions of this plugin included in the plugin library which produce all output channels at once. These provide up to 16, 32, 64 or 128 output channels. The AAX version supports 16 output channels.

There is also a version which allows complex multichannel decoders with many channels to be distributed over multiple CPU cores. This splits the output into eight-channel "blocks" which can be produced on separate tracks. Some DAWs (e.g. Reaper or Pro Tools Ultimate) can then calculate the blocks on separate CPU cores.

O3A Decoder Block - Rapture3D Advanced Screenshot

These plugins can be hosted in some Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that can handle tracks with at least 16 channels. Options include Reaper, Pro Tools Ultimate, Pyramix and Max/MSP. Not all plugins are supported in Pro Tools Ultimate.

Rapture3D OpenAL Driver

The Rapture3D OpenAL driver enables the full power of Rapture3D within some OpenAL Windows games. Some games include a version of it, some can be persuaded to use it easily and some more can be made to work if you're prepared to make modificiations to your system. Take a look at our compatible games page for more details.

Please note that only some existing OpenAL games are compatible with Rapture3D and most of those require technical modifications to your system before they will run properly! See our game notes for more details.

The macOS version of this edition also includes a version of the OpenAL driver. macOS does not use a system-wide OpenAL router, so this is intended for software development. That said, you may be able to make it work with some existing OpenAL games if you know what you're doing.

The Advanced edition of the Rapture3D OpenAL driver features the following:

  • High quality Higher Order Ambisonic bus running at up to fifth order.
  • 3D headphone surround (using seven HRTFs for different head shapes).
  • High quality sample rate conversion.
  • 32bit floating point signal path.
  • On Windows, Microsoft DirectSound or Steinberg ASIO audio output (for access to professional audio hardware).
  • On macOS, CoreAudio support.

Rapture3D Player

The Rapture3D Player plays FuMa-encoded ambisonic sound files at up to third order and SN3D sound files at up to seventh order, depending on the decoder used and CPU allowing.

Rapture3D Player Screenshot

Plugin List

O3A Decoder - Rapture3D Advanced

I/O: 16 in, 16, 32, 64 or 128 out
AAX: only 16-channel output supported, mapped to third order ambisonics

This plugin renders high quality multichannel audio from a first, second or third order ambisonic input. It is configured in a separate application.

Rapture3D Advanced
O3A Decoder Block - Rapture3D Advanced

I/O: 16 in, 8 out
AAX: output mapped to 7.1

This plugin renders high quality multichannel audio from a first, second or third order ambisonic input. It is configured in a separate application. Multiple plugins can be used together to achieve high channel counts.

Rapture3D Advanced

Tech Requirements

Rapture3D Technical Requirements

Please check that everything is okay here before purchasing software.

Operating System

Rapture3D "User" edition is not available on macOS, although the "Advanced" edition is. Both are available on Windows.

Supported versions of Microsoft Windows are Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Supported versions of Apple macOS X are 10.7 or later, Intel only. However, the Rapture3D Advanced HRTF import feature requires macOS 10.10 or later to work correctly.

The studio plugins run on Windows or macOS. The VST plugins are available in 32bit or 64bit forms on both platforms (packaged as a Universal Binary on macOS). The AAX plugins are 64bit only. The plugins can process first, second or third order B-Format using the FuMa or SN3D convention. They are not included with the Rapture3D "User" edition.

The Rapture3D OpenAL driver runs on Windows or macOS. It is available in 32bit or 64bit forms on both platforms (packaged as a Universal Binary on macOS).

The Ambisonic Player and other supporting software run on Windows or macOS, 32bit or 64bit. 32bit binaries are used on Windows and 32bit/64bit Universal Binaries are used on macOS.

VST Host

The VST plugins require a VST 2 host with shell plugin support. They are not included with the Rapture3D "User" edition.

These plugins do not work with all VST 2 hosts. One reason for this is that the O3A plugins need large numbers of channels on their input or output busses. Check the individual plugins for the channel counts they need, but all of the O3A plugins need at least 16 channels on each track, and some need more. Also note that not all VST 2 hosts can use shell plugins. In particular, at the time of writing shell plugins are not supported in Nuendo or Cubase.

AAX Host

The AAX plugins require Pro Tools Ultimate, or Pro Tools HD v12.8.2 or later. They are not included with the Rapture3D "User" edition.

Due to channel and stem restrictions, not all plugins are supported in AAX. Please see the documentation for details.

PC Hardware

Please check your PC meets the following requirements:

  • Intel Core i5 CPU or better. High quality or high orders will need substantially better hardware.
  • 300MB of free disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • Internal network card.
  • A working DirectSound-compatible sound card with up-to-date drivers. (And, if you want to use ASIO with the "Advanced" edition, a working ASIO-compatible sound card with up-to-date drivers.)

Internet Connection Required

The "User" and "Advanced" editions of Rapture3D available from this website require an Internet Connection for license activation and verification. We don't really like this, but we can't think of a better way to discourage piracy! Please don't hack our code, it's taken a lot of effort to get it this far...

Successful license verification isn't required every time you use Rapture3D, but it is needed during installation and needs to succeed once every couple of weeks to keep the license fresh.

The license can be "revoked" to remove it from one machine so it can be moved on to another. You should also do this if you're updating your system in case the machine appears to have changed identity.


You'll need administrator permissions while installing Rapture3D on Windows. It won't install properly using a "restricted" account.