TOA Plugins v1.1.3 Released

Posted: 9 July 2014

Version 1.1.3 of the TOA VST plugins is now out! There are two new upmixer plugins and three new modes for "TOA Move".

The main changes are:

  • Add the new "TOA Upmixer - Quad" plugin to the TOA Upmixers library.
  • Add the new "TOA Upmixer - Coincident Microphone" plugin to the TOA Upmixers library.
  • Add frequency-content views of the output of the "TOA Decoder - Headphones" plugin in the TOA Decoding library.
  • Add "Zoom", "Half" and "Dominance" modes to the "TOA Move" plugin in the TOA Manipulators library.
  • Increase the resolution of some internal tables (particularly for the TOA upmixers).
  • Bugfix to stereo upmixer at -4.5dB pan law (it had actually been using -4.24dB).
  • Fix slider dB label graphic for "Spatial Mask", "Spatial EQ" and "Graphic EQ" plugins.
  • Fix intermittent OSX bug resulting in dial graphic not updating when azimuth text field is used and exited with the tab key (affected "TOA Panner" and "TOA Reflection").
  • Make some vertical switches easier to click on.