Rapture3D Universal v3.2.3 Released

Posted: 10 July 2019

Rapture3D Universal in Unity

Rapture3D Universal v3.2.3 is now available.

The main changes since the last public release are:

  • Simplify locking strategy in Unity C# scripts.
  • Make mono decoder work correctly.
  • Add support for the 5.1.2 speaker layout.
  • Add r3dRendererSetGainWithReference() to the R3D interface to make it easier to align levels with studio tools. This is shown in the Unity Inspector as a "Volume Reference" on the R3D audio listener.
  • Add the Rapture3dAVProSyncManager.cs C# script to the examples provided. This attempts to keep Rapture3D and AVPro Video in sync.
  • Add support for ProLogic IIz (5.1 and 7.1).
  • In Unity C#, perform Rapture3D resets on main Unity thread rather than the audio thread.
  • Addition of BAD_STATE error code, generated if a buffer is known not to be populated.
  • Silence R3DAudioAdapter Unity C# script automatically when OnAudioFilterRead() does not receive audio (e.g. because an upstream Unity AudioSource is stopped).
  • Add R3dAudioPlaybackControl.cs C# script to the examples directory.
  • Add "Hexagon 1", "Octagon 1", "Cube" and "Twisted Cube" decoders (to be used with 5.1 or 7.1 Windows sound configurations).
  • Add "Purple" HRTF colour.
  • Change Windows installer to 64bit only, require 64bit on Windows developer platform (the game engine itself still includes a 32bit version).
  • Add R3dBed6DOFWalkthroughManager.cs C# script to the examples directory.

The Unity C# scripting changes should result in better performance, but please test carefully.