3D Audio

With the march of 3D film and television, immersive virtual reality and gaming, it's about time for a real step forward in the quality of spatial audio.

Take a look at some more information about our 3D Audio technologies.

Rapture3D Editions

Rapture3D produces high quality 3D audio primarily for virtual reality, gaming and music playback (although we also know it has also been used to experiment on rats!). It comes in three different editions:

  • The "Game" edition comes packaged with some Windows games to provide superior 3D audio. It only works with those games.
  • The "User" edition can be used to add superior 3D audio to a range of OpenAL-compatible PC games. It uses your main Windows audio outputs.
  • The "Advanced" edition adds support for custom speaker layouts and high quality audio hardware using Steinberg ASIO or Core Audio. It also includes a VST plugin for use in studios.

3D Audio For Gaming

Rapture3D can be plugged into a range of OpenAL-compatible PC games to produce superior 3D game audio. It also ships with a number of titles.

3D Audio Playback

The Rapture3D "User" and "Advanced" editions also includes a specialist 3D audio player designed for use with Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) soundfiles. These are pretty rare at present, but we think they're the future!

3D Audio For The Studio

Our TOA VST Plugins provide a rich suite of creative tools for making 3D mixes, primarily in Reaper. These can be used to place sounds in 3D, manipulate the sound scene, and finally "decode" it for standard layouts like stereo, 5.1 and Auro-3D. Of course, you can also produce the mix in formats suitable for playback with Rapture3D!

We also produce a set of Binaural Surround VST plugins which make binaural headphone stereo mixes out of multichannel mixes (5.1, 22.2 etc).