Gaming and VR

Cutting-Edge 3D Sound For Gaming And Virtual Reality

Our gaming solutions use variants of our Rapture3D "Higher Order Ambisonics" (HOA) rendering and decoding engine. These can produce 3D audio of a quality well beyond what stereo or conventional surround sound panning systems can deliver. Final output can support many different speaker layouts, or headphones, using a variety of decoding methods including acoustic soundfield reconstruction and synthetic binaural.

Different versions of Rapture3D offer different software interfaces to the games they support but share the same core HOA decoding technology. This technology is also used in our pro audio product range.

Rapture3D can play 3D audio assets prepared using our pro audio studio products.

The Rapture3D OpenAL Driver

The Rapture3D "Game", "User" and "Advanced" editions include an "OpenAL driver" which plugs into various compatible PC video games and manages output to the PC's audio hardware. It ships with some games and can be made to work with some others if they use OpenAL and you are prepared to make modifications to your system. Take a look at our compatible games page for more details.

Standard editions of Rapture3D support standard speaker layouts such as stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or 3D over headphones including a choice of HRTF. Rapture3D "Advanced", goes much further and lets you set up your own custom speaker layouts and personalized HRTFs.

If you want to put a commercial game together using an OpenAL-based version of Rapture3D, please get in touch. However, we are encouraging use of Rapture3D Universal instead.

The Rapture3D Universal SDK

The Rapture3D Universal Software Development Kit uses an even faster iteration of the Rapture3D rendering engine, with some advanced new features, particularly around playback of multichannel beds. It targets gaming and Virtual Reality, and is designed to work well with our O3A studio plugins, which allow detailed off-line editing of high resolution 3D audio scenes.

Rapture3D Universal comes with a range of preset decoders that are embedded directly into the software library used. This makes it much simpler to deploy, even onto a wide range of mobile devices. Rather than managing your audio hardware, Rapture3D Universal is buffer-based, allowing more flexible audio routing.

The software development kit hopefully provides everything you need to integrate Rapture3D into your game or Virtual Reality experience. C# scripts are provided which make it easy to integrate into Unity.