Shipping Rapture3D With Your Game

Please get in touch if you're interested in shipping a special edition of Rapture3D with your game. You can develop against the standard "User" edition of the software while you're thinking about it.

Ease of Use

Rapture3D is a pure software solution and is highly scaleable. It configures itself automatically for use on a wide variety of PC hardware by enabling or disabling quality options to keep CPU usage within sensible bounds. It's efficient too, delivering hundreds of sound sources even on older hardware.

Rapture3D supports the full OpenAL 1.1 specification with great care and there are similar APIs available on consoles. This means that games can be written to run on consoles or PC with high confidence of consistent behaviour. And developers don't need to worry about the actual speaker layout or audio hardware in use.

Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA)

At the heart of Rapture3D is a full periphonic (3D) Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) audio bus running at up to fourth order (that's 25 channels of internal bus). This allows us to support a wide range of speaker layouts and decoder types - and headphones - and this is all transparent to the game. HOA is really very exciting and is at the heart of what we do, so please take a look on our technology page and technical notes for more details.

Sound Quality

We've been very fussy about sound quality. Features include:

  • 32 bit float audio path all the way to the hardware driver.
  • High quality sample rate conversion (linear on lower spec boxes, sinc-based otherwise).
  • All filters support high pass as well as low pass operation.
  • Various EFX effects, including an efficient high quality Ambisonic reverb supporting the full EAX-Reverb parameter set.
  • No hard limit on the number of sources, buffers, filters, effects or aux sends that are used, so you can use the CPU power available as you see fit.
  • Highly efficient codebase with scalable quality settings to target different hardware. Automated default quality selection.
  • Full support for process/suspend, which means you can batch up a number of changes so they all happen at once.
  • Oh, and did we mention the HOA?


If you really want to push the boundaries, Rapture3D includes a number of special features, including:

  • Support for Ambisonic B-Format assets. You can precompute an entire background soundfield and have it rotate around the listener, using just one sound source!
  • Foldback support. You can grab a mono or stereo downmix of the game output, regardless of the actual speaker layout in use.
  • It's possible to route audio directly to a dialogue or LFE speaker if one is present.
  • Volumetric sources.
  • First (-6dB/oct) or second order (-12dB/oct) filters.
  • ... and there's more on the way.

Please get in touch if you'd like more details!